How To Protect Your Home Against Rats, Mice And Other Rodents?

Are you looking for answers on how to protect your home against rats, mice and other rodents? Rodents like mice & rats are harmful to homes. Rodents are found in every area. For example-  attic, basement, kitchens & other corners of the house. Firstly, rodents like rats contaminate the food. This is a threat to your family’s health. Secondly, rodents can damage all types of properties including buildings. This is due to rodents chewing habits. They chew through walls, furniture, clothes, leather and electrical wires. These are the concerns related to rodent pests. Hence, this makes us understand the importance of rodent control. Here are some tips on how to protect your home against rats, mice and other rodents. 

Effective Ways To Protect Your Home From Rodents

  • Sealing The Entry Point – The first step is to identify the entry points of rodents. And then you will limit rodents’ access to your home. Sealing the entry points is the best way to do this. The common entry points are holes in the interior and exterior walls. Firstly, a rat is very flexible. It can squeeze its body through any opening. Moreover, it will gnaw on any tiny hole and turn it into a larger hole. Hence, this is the way rodents start entering your homes. One way to avoid this is to cover these holes using steel wool and plaster. There are other ways rats climb into your homes. For example through trees and vines. Here are some ways to eliminate rodent entry points –
  1. Make sure no tree branches touch your roof. Try to trim your tree branches to a certain safe level.
  2. Avoid any vineyards from the wall. 
  3. Use metal or plastic sheets as guards around tree branches. As well as pipes and other wirings.
  4. Keep the food and water in a safe place.
  5. Make sure the garbage cans have lids on them.
  • Rodent Repellers – Today we have a variety of rodent repellents available. And they are highly effective as well. For instance, an ultrasonic rat repellent is a good investment. This device is designed to produce high-frequency sound. Hence, this sound will act as a repellent for the rats. 

Other repellents available are natural rat repellants. They are simple home remedies that are very effective. Ingredients like peppermint, eucalyptus oil, onions, Plaster of Paris (POP), garlic, clove oil, ammonia and hot peppers. Using these simple kitchen ingredients you can protect your home. Also, vinegar is very effective as well.

  • Rat Traps – Traditional rat traps are the best way to catch rats. Firstly, rodents are always seeking three important things – water, food and warmth. Hence, this method includes trapping the rat using a source. And eradicating them from the house. Firstly, rat traps are set where rat activity is more. 

Some signs of rodent pests are – rat droppings, gnawing marks, dead rats, squeaking sounds and rat trails. Importantly, these traps must be out of reach from children and pets. You can simply follow the instructions given on the rat traps. And use the most appropriate source to attract all rodents. But make sure to not touch the rats once they are caught. 

  • Seek Professional Help – Pest control is always in demand. Since they are capable of causing such destruction. Rodents are well known for diseases. Rats and mice are known to spread more than 35 deadly diseases. These diseases are transmitted to humans through direct contact. For example when you come in contact with faeces, urine and saliva of the rodents. Moreover, the transmission of diseases can also happen indirectly. 

For instance through ticks, mites or fleas that have fed on an infected rodent. Examples: hantavirus, salmonella, Tularemia, leptospirosis and many other deadly illnesses. A professional team will take proper precautions. Moreover, they use high-quality rodent repellents. This will make the work easier and faster. Therefore, it is recommended to seek professional help once you start noticing rodent pest signs. 

  • Taking Care Of Minor Things At Home – Firstly, always store food in airtight containers. Make sure you do not keep food in the open. Secondly, regularly sanitise your homes. Also, take care of wires and caulk holes. These are some effective ways how to protect the home against rats, mice and other rodents. 


Pests like rats, mice and other rodents are always troubling. They bring in a lot of damage. And threaten the family’s health as well. Fortunately, there are effective rodent control methods available today. This will exterminate the existing rodents in your homes. As well as prevent further rodent infestation. 

Hence, these are some answers on how to protect your home against rats, mice and others? If you are consistent with these methods, it will help you in the long run. Moreover, timely professional help is always advised at the same time. Therefore, invest in rodent controllers today. And keep your family in a safer environment.