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Pest Control Cheltenham provides a complete bed bug treatment in Cheltenham. Moreover, our bed bugs control Cheltenham team is highly trained to exterminate bed bugs from your property. Also, our bed bug treatment is highly effective in eradicating them from your property. 

Moreover, the bed bugs removal services involve the proper use of pesticides to eliminate them for good. Secondly, our bug exterminators carefully treat and remove the bed bugs from your carpet, mattress and upholstery. To book our bed bug extermination services, dial 03 4050 7852

Reasons To Choose Us 

  • We have highly experienced and trained experts.
  • We are fully certified, exterminators.
  • You can easily do 24×7 booking services even on holidays and weekends.
  • Our bed bug treatment services are extremely affordable when it comes to bed bug extermination services.  We have transparent quotes. 
  • We use advanced tools and equipment.
  • Our bed bug pest control treatment solutions are eco-friendly.

How to Spot A Bed Bug Infestation? Expert’s Advice!

Bed bug infestation is hard to spot, especially when the infestation is not severe. Moreover, these bed bugs hide well and therefore need experts’ eyes to spot. But, our bed bug pest control team of experts share tips to find out bed bug infestation at your home which are as follows 

  • When you are noticing blood spots on the sheet and mattress. 
  • Noticing unpleasant and sweet sickly odour.
  • You can spot faecal matter as small dark spots on the linen sheets and mattress. 
  • You can spot live bed bugs on mattresses in case of severe infestation.
  • Spot dark black stains on your mattress.
  • The presence of eggshells is another sign of bed bug infestation.

Areas of Bed Bug Inspection

Bed Bugs are transported easily and there it is important to look with keen eyes for them. Moreover, low infestation makes it challenging to find out bed bugs but with the right experience our experts find it out for you. During the inspection, we carefully inspect the mattress and also the sides of the bed. The whole bedding is checked for bed bugs. Also, we check for bed bugs on the sides of the bed and the edges as well. Secondly, our bug exterminator checks the carpet, sofa, and upholstery for hidden bed bugs on your property. Therefore, during the inspection, we cover every possible area and try to find out every hot spot of bed bugs to exterminate them.

Our Entire Bed Bug Eradicating Process In Cheltenham 

When it comes to eradicating bed bugs from your property, our bed bugs control Cheltenham experts follow a particular process. This process helps in achieving desired results which are a long time. Also, our most effective best bug treatment includes following a proper procedure to ensure no bed bugs are left behind alive. Moreover, our bed bug extermination process is as follows 

  • Inspection

When you book our bed bug inspection company services, our experts show up at your doorstep to carry out an inspection. Moreover, this inspection includes finding the hiding spots of the bed bugs. Secondly, we carefully inspect your bed, mattress, carpets and upholstery. After we carry out a proper inspection, our experts carefully tailor a treatment plan to eradicate the bed bugs from your property.

  • Chemical Service

The chemical treatment involves the use of chemical pest control which includes the usage of insecticides. Moreover, the methods we use for this are fogging and fumigation methods. These methods help us reach all the cracks and crevices of the house. Also, the chemical we use is completely non-toxic and pet friendly. Therefore, our bed bugs control Cheltenham experts always assure your safety at all times.

  • Non-Chemical Treatment Service: Heat Treatment

Our non-chemical treatment involves using high temperatures. During this treatment, we use a steam process that involves hot water extraction. This high temperature effectively kills the bed bugs, their larvae and eggs. Also, we carefully see the temperature to not damage your mattress or upholstery.

  • Follow-up is a must

We include a follow-up treatment after the extermination treatment, which you can easily book. This follow-up treatment makes sure to eliminate the remaining bed bugs if any left effectively. This ensures no future infestation is there for a long time.

  • Prevention tips:

After all the extermination services are done, our experts give useful prevention tips to keep your property free of bed bugs for a long period. Moreover, when you have pets, we also recommend getting proper bed bug extermination services done once a year to keep the bed bugs in check. 

Why Bed Bug Control Treatment Is Must In End Of Lease Pest Control?

If you are living as a tenant and pay rent, then you must have given an amount, particularly for a security deposit. Moreover, this security deposit is also known as bond bound. Secondly, the owner can hold your bond money if the rented property is not cleaned up to the mark. Therefore, if the owner notices bed bugs only on your mattress then most probably, you will not get your bond money back. Our experts make sure you get your bond body back by properly performing a bed bugs control Cheltenham treatment. Secondly, the end of a lease program is extremely affordable no matter the size of the infestation. Therefore,  bed bug pest control services are a must for end-of-lease cleaning to get your bond money back.


How to deal with bed bugs in Cheltenham? 

To effectively deal with these tiny insects called bed bugs which feed on humans and animals, you need proper extermination services. You can easily avail our bed bug control services in Cheltenham and get rid of them for good. Book our bed bug control services in Cheltenham today! 

Where are Bed Bugs found? 

Bed bugs are commonly found in hotels, hospitals, homeless shelters, colleges, dorms, complexes and offices. Moreover, at your home, you can easily spot them on your mattress or sheets and upholstery. 

Which is the best method to exterminate bed bugs?

The best method to exterminate methods is using proper pesticides which involves using fogging and fumigation.

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