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Get our flea treatment to experience the best results and get rid of the fleas from your property. Pest Control Cheltenham is going to be a great help to you, if you are facing issues with fleas and their infestation. Our local flea control Cheltenham team is going to offer the best services to the residents in Cheltenham. Fleas are parasitic insects that will mostly rely on the blood of humans and pets for their nutrition. Therefore, they are going to harm not only your family members but also your pets. To prevent that from happening, it’s important to get flea pest control services. The following are the salient features that show our company is best for flea control services:

  • We have different types of flea treatments for your pets. Be it cats or kittens or puppies, our team offers the best services and helps you in making your pets free from fleas. 
  • Our services are long-lasting and very effective. 
  • The services will be made available to you within 24 hours of booking an appointment. 
  • Team flea control Cheltenham offers top-notch quality services. 
  • Our booking system is quite hassle-free and our services will be available promptly. 
  • You can get our services at quite affordable prices. 

If you are curious to know more about our total care files control services, you can contact us at 03 4050 7852

How Do You Identify Fleas? 

It is quite common for fleas to encounter pets and feed on them. Due to their ability to spread rapidly, their infestation gets worse over the period. Therefore, it is necessary to detect fleas with the help of their signs and get rid of them. Close observation is required to detect their presence on your property. We can identify them easily with the help of their eggs and flea droppings. To know more about the signs and how to identify them, go through the following information:

  • Cat Flea: Cats tend to get too itchy due to the presence of fleas on their fur. This could be a pretty good sign to identify their presence. 
  • Human Flea: The area that gets affected due to the flea bite becomes red. This is mostly seen around the ankle and legs due to the suction of blood. This can be a sign of the flea presence. 
  • Dog Flea: The patchy hair on the dogs or the redness of the skin can be a high chance of the presence of fleas. Since dogs are an easy target for fleas, they attack them easily. Therefore, it’s important to keep an eye out for the dogs and check them regularly. 
  • Symptoms Of Flea Bite: Since legs and feet are often targeted, you tend to observe symptoms of the bite around these areas. 
    • Causes extreme itchiness.
    • Redness of the area around the bite. 
    • Also leads to small blisters and wounds. 
  • By Their Physical Appearance: They are black or brown, and identifying them can be easy; since they are easily distinguishable. Walking in your house wearing white socks can help you identify them. 

Other Facts:

  • Flea droppings and dirt will look like a pile of ground black pepper. When you come across such a fine powdery substance. 
  • Delaying to identify different flea species can lead to the spreading of the disease rapidly.

Measures Helpful In Preventing The Flea Infestation

There are several measures that you need to take in order to prevent flea infestation inside your property. Fleas can even reside in the carpets, especially in the area where your pets usually rest and sleep. Get our carpet flea treatment in such situations. In the same way, we even offer dog and cat flea treatment, to get rid of the fleas from your pet dogs and cats. Apart from this, you can even follow certain measures to keep the flea count at bay:

  • Immediate spraying for fleas with insecticides will help in eliminating and reducing them completely. 
  • Since fleas prefer humid and warm environments, it’s necessary to keep the areas dry and vacuum them regularly. This helps in reducing the chances of breeding. 
  • Steam cleaning the carpets also aids in reducing the number of fleas to a controllable level. 
  • It’s ideal to restrict the access of your pets to damp areas or gardens, especially during summers. 
  • Treating your pets for fleas as per the label also helps.
  • By preventing your pets from wandering with the regular or stray animals, you can avoid major flea infestations. 
  • Seeking professional help right away after you detect the signs of the fleas can be helpful to a greater extent. 

By following these measures, one can keep the flea count under control. If it is out of your hand, you can contact our team flea control Cheltenham.

The Flea Control And Removal Program Our Experts Perform 

In order to achieve the proper, long-lasting outcomes we often opt for eco-safe treatments. There are several steps that we follow for achieving effective results. Our flea exterminators are highly experienced in performing these services. Therefore, you can expect the best results with the flea control Cheltenham team on board!

  • Thorough Inspection: It’s very important to perform a proper inspection to identify the sources of fleas. This includes inspecting your pet dogs and cats as well. Since our experts are gentle with animals, you don’t have to worry about it. 
  • Habitat Modification: It’s ideal to modify their habitats and make them unsuitable for their living. For this, we disturb their natural habits and we spray for the fleas in several parts of your property. 
  • Chemical Treatments: We opt for chemical treatment since the results are long-lasting and very effective. Also, we use the best insecticides that are toxic-free.

Our Same-Day Flea Control Services Are Available In Cheltenham

To avoid the danger and instead harm fleas, one should rely on professional services to get rid of them. Hence, contact us if you need flea treatment for the house. Our services are available across all the regions of Cheltenham. To get our flea control Cheltenham services on the same day, contact us right away!


What can I do to reduce the flea spread around my property?

Poor sanitation and hygiene habits can be an ideal environment for fleas and any other pest insects. Therefore, it is important to maintain the hygiene of not only your property but also your pets. 

How often should I get flea control services?

As per experts’ suggestions, it is important to get professional services once every 12 months. 

Do you offer your pre-purchase flea control service in Cheltenham?

Since our company is a local one, we guard our experts all over Cheltenham. Therefore, our pre-purchase flea control Cheltenham team can provide you with prompt services.   

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