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Looking for the local team for the bee and wasp removal in Cheltenham? Bee and wasp infestations are known to be more aggressive pests. However, as the summer season enters, wasp and bee infestation become active. With the wasp nest around your property, you can’t live peacefully. That’s why you must take action to control the bee and wasp population. Thus get in contact with our Bee and Wasp Removal Cheltenham team for the best result. Moreover, you can call us anytime for the bee and wasp removal service. We will even tell you the helpful advice for controlling the future bee and wasp infestation. 

Pest Removal Cheltenham have skilled experts for the beehive removal service. Also, there is no hidden cost for our bee control services. Moreover, we use eco-friendly products during the wasp control service. Therefore if you are looking for the safest bee and wasp removal service. Then quickly pick up the phone and contact us. We make sure to reach you as soon as possible for bee and wasp control. Hence you can book an appointment with us at 03 4050 7852

Types of Wasps and Bees We Can Remove In Cheltenham

Are bees flying around your commercial or residential property? Well, you must hire a bee removalist for controlling them. Our Bee and Wasp Removal Cheltenham team delivers the best service. Moreover, we can control all types of bees and wasp species. 

  • Honey Bee (Apis mellifera): Honey bees are 15 mm long and light brown. Additionally, the honey bee is an oval-shaped creature. However, we can control the honey bee with safe pesticides. 
  • Bumble Bee (Bombus spp.): There are 250 species of Bumble bee common on Earth. Moreover, Bumble Bees are about 0.6 to 1 inch long. Further, bumble bees are orange in appearance. For controlling bumble bees, contact us. Also, we control the bumble bees with a fumigation process. 
  • Carpenter Bee (Xylocopa virginica): Carpenter Bee is about ¾ to 1 inch in size. Moreover, carpenter bees are hairless and even shiny black. Therefore, for controlling carpenter bees, we use the effective spraying process. 
  • Paper Wasps (Polistes spp.): Paper wasps have black bodies with yellow stripes. Thus paper wasps are similar to yellow jackets. However, paper wasp behaviour is just different from yellow jackets. Hence, we use the baiting method for controlling the paper wasps. 
  • Yellowjackets (Vespula spp., Paravespula spmaculateets): Yellow jackets feed on other pests like flies.  However, for controlling the yellow jackets we use the non-toxic trapping method. Therefore hire us for the wasp nest removal service
  • Hornets (Dolichovespula maculata and Vespa crabro): Hornet species can be 5.5 mm in length. Moreover, hornets are just similar to yellow jackets in appearance. And, we control the hornets with eco-safe insecticides. 

How Do We Remove Bees and Wasp Infestation in Cheltenham? 

Our wasp pest control service is famous for eliminating bees from your property. Moreover, our experts follow five stages for controlling the bees and wasps. Following are some bee and wasp removal stages: 

  • Inspection: As soon as you call us, our Bee and Wasp Removal Cheltenham team will reach your house. Thus we will proceed with the inspection of the areas of wasp and bees nest. We also identify the species of bees and wasps at your place. Therefore for the wasp hive removal inspection contact us. 
  • Bees and wasps removal: Our certified experts will make a plan for removing the bees and wasps from your place. Thus for controlling the bees and wasps we use the non-chemical pesticides method. Nevertheless, some solutions are customized according to infestation. 
  • Bees nest removal: After treating the bees we will move further and remove the nest and hives. Also, we remove bee nests with modern tools. To avail of the best bee nest removal service, calls us. 
  • Destroy the nest: Our Bee and Wasp Removal Cheltenham team will move to the next step of nest destruction. Our experts may destroy the nest around your property if required. Also, we will remove the bee’s nest from your place without causing damage. 
  • Final Inspection: After treating and removing the bees and wasp nests, our professionals will go through the final inspection. During the final bee and wasp inspection, we will judge our treatment result. 

How Do Wasps and Bees Build Their Nest in Cheltenham? 

Wasps make their nest with wooden material from the trees. Have you ever heard the buzzing sound while playing? Then it may be the sound of wasps making the nest for themselves. Moreover, paper wasps make this nest-like umbrella-shaped. Whereas bees also make their nest with wooden material. However, bees attach the nest with their saliva. Therefore for “removing bee nest in house wall”, contact us. 

Same Day Bee and Wasp Removal Service in Cheltenham 

Have you noticed the wasp and bee hive in or around your premises? Don’t worry, just call us. We offer the same-day bee removal service in Cheltenham. Moreover, we provide a quick and reliable wasp removal service in Cheltenham. You can connect with us anytime for the bee and wasp removal service in Cheltenham. So, looking for the best team, contact us quickly for bee and wasp control. 


Q.1 Do you offer weekend bee and wasp removal services in Cheltenham? 

Yes, our Bee and Wasp Removal Cheltenham team provide weekend service. Therefore for a reliable bee and wasp control service, contact us. 

Q.2 Why should you hire us for bee and wasp treatment? 

Our Bee and Wasp Removal Cheltenham team provide effective service. Moreover, we are available for the emergency bee removal service in Cheltenham. Some other reasons for hiring us are as follows 
– Customer-friendly service 
– Certified and insured experts
– Affordable bee removal service 
– Hassle-free service 
– Latest tools and equipment. 

Q.3 What are the common signs of a wasp infestation? 

There are three common signs of wasp infestation at your place. Some of the signs of wasp infestation are- 
– Wasp sightings 
– Nest 
– Wood damage 
However, for controlling the wasp infestation call our licensed experts. 

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