Bed Bugs Facts & Threats They Bring for You

If you keep up with the news and see just how much attention bedbugs have gotten in recent years, you can assume you know everything there is to know about this insect. They eat humans while they sleep, which causes itchy, red lumps. Difficult to remove! However, you will be surprised to know that many secrets are hidden in these strange insects. Take a look at these weird and quirky Bed bugs facts and some threats. 

  • Bugs can survive anywhere

Most people associate bedbugs with hotels. Bed bugs, on the other hand, can thrive in single-family homes, apartments, hospitals, college dorm rooms, office buildings, schools, buses, trains, movie theatres, and retail stores, among other places where humans congregate. 

According to research, 89 per cent of insect specialists treat bed bug infestations in single-family homes, while 88 per cent handle bed bug infestations in apartments and condos. Sixty-seven per cent of respondents say they treat bed bug infestations in hotels/motels, 35 per cent in college dorms, 9 per cent in various forms of transportation, 5 per cent at laundry facilities, and 4 per cent at movie theatres. 

  • Bed bugs are not just residents of the city

Contrary to popular opinion, bedbugs are not found in large cities or third-world countries. They can be found in each of the states. According to an Australian survey, bed bugs were 17 per cent of people in the Northeast, 20 per cent in the Midwest, 20 per cent in the South, and 19 per cent in the West. 

Bedbug infestations are three times more frequent in cities than in rural areas due to variables such as larger population sizes, apartment living, and increased mobility, all of which encourage the spread and reproduction of bed bugs. 

  • Bed bugs are hardy

Without blood, these insects can survive for months. It implies spending long periods in furniture, bags, and suitcases before returning to the human host. Bedbugs can also withstand temperatures of up to minus 122 degrees Fahrenheit. 

As a result, bed bugs are not a pest that can be treated using do-it-yourself methods. The most effective way to treat an infestation is to hire a professional pest control company. You can call our expert at 03 4050 7852 for same-day Pest Control Cheltenham.

  • Bed bugs settlement

Another Bed bugs fact is that Bed Bugs maintain a consistent feeding schedule. Once a bedbug has found a host, it will feed for 5 to 10 minutes until it is ready to reproduce. Since bites are often traced to a single pattern, the pattern of bed bug feeding is sometimes sarcastically referred to as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They leave behind bite marks, which appear in groups or rows of exposed flesh on the chest, arms, and legs, which are obvious signs of a bedbug infestation. 

Bed bugs Threats

  • Infections

Bedbug bites can be extremely itchy, leading to a strong urge to scratch until the sensation subsides. Because bedbugs bite us in the middle of the night while we sleep, we inadvertently scratch them, resulting in sores on the flesh the following day. 

Minor open wounds from scratches may not seem serious, but germs and bacteria can enter the skin and cause illness if left untreated. A bacterial skin infection symptoms include increased redness around the wound, increased swelling, and tender pimples that are warm to the touch. Cellulitis, impetigo, and boils are all common skin diseases. 

  • Allergies

One of bed bug infestations’ most severe health hazards is an allergic reaction to bed bug bites. Since bedbugs bite to feed on the blood of their hosts, some can have an acute allergic reaction, which can result in life-threatening complications.

People susceptible to insect bites and stings may experience anaphylactic shock, a severe allergic reaction characterized by wheezing, chest tightness, swollen or itchy lips or tongue, and tightness in the throat. Anaphylactic shock is a life-threatening condition that requires immediate medical intervention. 

  • Sleep deprivation

If bedbugs are rampant in your home, you may be lacking sleep. Countless bites, never-ending itching, and the fear of crawling insects keep anyone awake all night, leaving them physically and mentally exhausted the next day.

Accidents, slow thinking, heart problems, and loss of appetite can all be caused by a lack of sleep. It can result in poor work performance and even family troubles and disputes in serious matters. 

  • Stress

Due to the rapid spread of bed bugs throughout the house, the frequent damage to sheets and curtains, and the constant bites on the body, living in a house with bed bugs can be highly stressful and painful. Prolonged time spent in a stressful environment can cause emotional stress, leading to health concerns.

Stress-induced emotional stress can lead to bad habits like drinking and smoking, affecting our immune system and ability to fight off antigens, making us more vulnerable to diseases. Stress can affect our digestive system and increase our heart rate and blood pressure. All of these can increase your chances of contracting dangerous infections. 


Bed bugs can cause severe problems to our physical and mental health. You can trust this blog. It can be beneficial for you.  Moreover, you must take steps to control bed bugs if they are in your bedroom or anywhere else.